Love this content: Songza’s microcopy

A few months ago on Pop Culture Happy Hour, Linda Holmes (or was it Stephen Thompson?) recommended the music streaming service Songza. I figured I’d try it out — Pandora hasn’t been lighting my fire for a while — and playing with the app for a few weeks, I’m a convert.

One thing I especially love: Their taxonomy and related copy. Songza is a collection of curated playlists. When you launch it, the app defaults to showing you the time of day and a selection of moods. It’s Monday morning when I write this, and right now it offers music for “boosting your energy,” “working in an office (SFW),” or “driving,” for example. And also for “saving the world,” which is exactly the kind of thing I’m talking about. Every now and again, you get dealt a wild card in the available moods.

Once you pick a mood, you get a choice of three specific playlists to listen to.

Here’s an example with screen grabs. First screen, from late one Friday night:

Songza: It's Friday Night

Getting high? What are those playlists like?

Songza: Dude, wait, what? Just pick a genre.

“Dude… Wait? What?” I love it. And when you pick a genre:

Songza: Select a playlist for some electronic music while you get high.

One more example: On a recent Monday afternoon, Songza figured I might want to quit my job:
Want some songs to quit your job by?

Nice. Songza_quitting_time_2

I love these random discoveries of fun, unexpected moods and genres. Even better: Although Songza does let you browse by mood, you don’t get to see a full list of all the quirky ones. Want to see everything? Gotta check out the app regularly. UPDATE: At least some of these are, in fact, listed in the Activities tab, which I just realized. (Found “Getting High,” but not “Saving the World.”) Kudos regardless!