My Secret Santa Gift to James, the Content Man

This post was anonymously written as part of Blog Secret Santa. There’s a list of all Secret Santa posts, including one written by James Callan, on Santa’s list of 2013 gift posts.

I don’t know James. I’ve never met him but this is my Christmas gift to him.

A blog post.

I was excited to receive an invitation by the Secret Santa Blog to write a post for this man of mystery so I wondered, who is James Callan?

Who is this man of mystery? This man who says he is good with words and handy on a quiz team?


So let’s see what I can find out about him from his blog posts. I know that:

  • He works in the IT industry
  • He works with web content
  • He lives in a city that I’d love to visit one day
  • He is in a polyamorous relationship with print and internet but especially attracted to editing and oh…
  • He hates grammar Nazis.

That is a nice list of great qualities for a man I don’t know but you know he has taught me a couple of things already.

  • He has given me an idea to create my own portfolio challenges on things I’m working on and blog about them
  • He has also taught me that there’s a widget for Meetup that I can put into my own blog! (Who would have thought!)

So mystery man James from Seatle, Washington USA thank you for teaching me these things but I have one itsy bitsy tiny request from you….


So with that, I wish you and your family a merry Christmas and a wonderful new year from the mystery Melbourne lady (that’s Melbourne, Australia).